The Plan Proof PDF is a downloadable guide with over 120 pages full of valuable information we have gathered throughout our experience in the design and construction industry.


It's the things we live by when designing a home! This guide will give you a lot of ideas, point out some important things you should look out for and consider when renovating or building, and give you tips & tricks to create a home you love.

It's full of general (but extremely important) information and not a bad investment when you consider the splurge vs save tips we've included!

Who is The Plan Proof PDF for?

The Plan Proof PDF is a perfect guide for anyone who is needing a little bit of clarification, guidance and some tips & tricks for their own project so they can begin to proof their own plans!

What does The Plan Proof PDF cover?

  • The brief: How to create your own brief
  • The mood: How to create a mood board based on the feeling
  • The floor plan: Orientation and spatial planning, furniture layouts and functionality considerations
  • Materials & finishes: Research and considerations, balancing materials and finishes, and our favourite selections
  • Lighting & layers: How to layer lighting and types of lighting
  • Styling: Personalisation and humanisation, window furnishings and styling tips and tricks
  • Save vs splurge: Cost compromise ideas
  • The build team: Things to discuss with your build team
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