There’s no one size fits all.

We personalise the process for you — the people who’ll live in and enjoy your home.

The following case studies show a few highlights from some of our recent projects and demonstrate how we approach each project to provide personalised and tailored recommendations.

"Thank you so much, honestly it's like you've just done my homework for me. I would have spent the next 12 months trying to decide on colours and materials. I wouldn't have given lighting a second thought. You guys are absolutely amazing. Thanks again."

Erin, The Merrigum House

"We loved our experience with Josh and Jenna, they made the process very relaxed and easy. After we provided some initial information they needed to start planning things happened very quickly. We loved the result, a homely, open feel that was space efficient. We look forward to working together with them again on our next stage. Thanks Josh and Jenna."

George and Tom, The Toowoomba House

“Oh my goodness. We can't explain how amazed we are by what you've achieved for us with this house. It's beyond what we could have hoped for, in terms of everything really! The amount of detail and consideration that has gone into what you've done has blown us away. We seriously can't believe you did it all in 2 days too! I'm so impatient that I just want it all to be done NOW, now that I can finally visualise what it will be like!! Thank you again, you guys are incredible!"

Diana and John, The Reservoir House

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the plans you did for us. I cannot believe what you did with such a small space - it's amazing - Very talented! We now have direction in what to do and motivated. Plan Proofing is a fantastic service and very much needed in todays world. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. My friends cannot believe what you do!"

Sue, The Silver Creek House

Honestly, you guys are next level! I love it! Can't wait to show you when we are done, you never know I might need you to help me more too! Thanks again and have a lovely festive season!

Tania, The Resort House

"Thank you so much! You have made my grandios visions into the family home we actually wanted. I cannot thank you enough."

Leisel, The Turf House

"Thank you so much, it's absolutely brilliant! I cannot thank you enough, I didn't want to just do a boring renovation that wouldn’t feel the way I was wanting it to and now I know what to do! Such an amazing service, I'm so grateful."

Emma, The 90's House

"Plan Proofing is like having 'the benefit of hindsight' in advance, because of Josh and Jenna's extensive renovation and design experience. They took our plans and our creative brief and sense-checked them for liveability and functionality. Layered on top of this, they gave us exciting visuals clever ideas and a clear path to create our own beautiful real life space."

Chrissy, The Garden House

"I actually can't even put into words how grateful we are and how happy I am that we reached out to you guys. Going to recommend this service to everyone! So amazing and thank you again. Your PDF is like our bible. I still look at it nearly every day."

Brooke, The Shed House

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