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We put our 30+ years of combined experience into proofing you plans.

For a small percentage of your build budget, you could save a lot of potential frustrations.

What’s the investment?

$5000 including GST

The full fee will be required upon booking to secure your place. If your booking is more than 4 weeks in advance, we are happy to secure your spot with a deposit of $500. Please contact us for more information. View our full terms and conditions here.

Plan Proofing makes the most sense when you can still implement changes in the building or renovating process.

If you’re in the early stages, we’ll have floor plan flexibility, and it’s an excellent opportunity for us to work on suggestions to pass to your team.

If you’re further along in the process, we may have a few more limitations, but it might be worth the time and money to get things right, or we can focus on the elements that aren’t yet locked in.

Our service focuses on the interior design which may ultimately affect your floor plan. To proof your plans, you’ll need permission from your build team so we can mark up and model the design to communicate any proposed changes.

We will always be respectful, credit accordingly, and we will never take credit for anyone else’s work. We’ve attached a handy little PDF to explain our services to your build team!


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There will be some pre-work required before this date – you can see more detail on the how it works page.

The full fee is due upon booking to secure your spot unless you have requested a deposit. If it is showing as no bookings available, it means we are booked out. Please join our waitlist and you’ll be notified via email once new dates are open for bookings.

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Once you select dates and pay the fees, we book and schedule your Project!

We may charge a reasonable cancellation fee if you cancel with less than 30 days before your project booking and we limit our liability to you in some circumstances (see our Terms for details)

Our Services don’t replace your build team (such as architects and builders, council permits, or other formal construction services). It is up to you to get your Build Team to review our suggestions for feasibility and permit requirements.

As part of this process, you will need to sign a contract to engage our services to ensure that you understand our service. 
You’ll receive a copy of this contract once your booking is confirmed.

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