Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried our best to explain what we do and how it works, but we’ve also provided the below FAQs in case you still have more to ask.

Not a problem. Join our waitlist so you’re the first to know when we release future dates or cancellations for Plan Proofing sessions.

A set of digital scaled plans of your home. They can be simple real estate plans or architectural drawings, however the more accurate your plans, the more accurate we can be with your concept.

A copy of your completed questionnaire (we’ll send this to you when you book) and any inspirational photos or mood boards you’ve collected as part of your journey so far.

30 minutes of your time on a Monday morning for your initial consultation and 1 hour for your final presentation later in the week.

And if relevant, permission from your build team so we can proof your plans.

Ideally, you’d engage us after you’ve selected a preferred floor plan with a project builder or received a concept from an architect or draftsperson. 

The concept stage is before your plans go into construction drawings. It’s the perfect time to make big changes without costing you too much time or money.

If you’re already deep into the construction drawings or design development stage with an architect, we can still jump in here, however changes at this late change may cost you so be sure to check this first. 

If your plans have already passed through council, any exterior or major layout changes could require a resubmission, causing hold ups or delays to your project. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look to have us proof your plans: we can focus on interiors only, or you may be willing to consider bigger alterations, even if takes a bit longer with approvals.

We spend 30 hours (between two people) to proof your plans and produce your personalised Plan Proof PDF. The PDF will generally contain 70 -100 pages of inspiration, 3D visualisations, elevations and is based entirely on your brief and your priorities. Please note: Larger homes or more technical architectural homes often require more time to model up and design. Check out our Instagram to see examples of full presentations, or our Projects page for some sneak peeks!

We have worked on a few concepts for small additions so our clients can take our ideas to a draftsperson to refine. We are currently taking this as a case-by-case basis so please contact us prior to booking to see if we can help! Or enlist the help of a draftsperson, architect or builder first and start the process. 

Each project is unique, and we’d love to see if we can help you! Contact us prior to booking to discuss your requirements.

Build team means your third-party suppliers that are assisting you with your project and may include the

following building professionals: architect, builder, interior designer, draftsperson, excavator, electrician, plumber, gasfitter, concreter, carpenter, bricklayer, plasterer, roofer, tiler, floor sander, painter, landscaper, and others.

A concept is the very first iteration of a design and needs to be further developed with your build team to become buildable. It gives you the overall design direction to help guide you to the end result. For example, a concept could include a spatial plan which includes consideration for furniture and joinery.

The brief includes information about you and whoever lives in the home, how you plan to use it, your design likes and dislikes, as well as your plans with measurements, furniture you plan to keep, and a place for you to drop in photos and inspiration. You will need approximately one hour to complete your brief and the more thorough your brief, the better our recommendations and suggestions will be!

Our service is online. If you’re local to Rutherglen, VIC, and the surrounding area, reach out as we may be able to organise a site visit. Please note that the travel time will be deducted from your 30 hour service.

Yes! If you have internet access to attend the online meetings, we’re good to go!

We allow 30 hours between two people over the duration of one week to complete your Plan Proofing recommendations and PDF, so you get instant satisfaction without the need for long lead times!

Disclaimer: Like many of our clients, we have a busy family. IF for some reason we can’t meet a deadline or need to reschedule meetings, we’ll communicate that clearly and ensure we’re still meeting all our obligations.

We book out quickly, and usually a few months in advance. If you aren’t able to book a date that works for you, please join the waitlist. We’ll then email you once new dates open up so you’ve got the first opportunity to book them before the general public.

We predominantly focus our time on the interiors (room layouts, use of spaces, lighting, fixtures, materials, etc.) however we can assist you with exterior finish and material selections. We leave the architecture (rooflines etc.) to your build team.

Yes, we can complete your building selection document based on your brief if this is a priority to you.

We are not quantity surveyors and in this current building climate it’s really hard to estimate costs. Costs also vary depending on your location. However, we use your budget and our experience as a guide when making design decisions. If you’re concerned about the budget, it would be worthwhile engaging a quantity surveyor or discussing with a builder prior to tender.