We are your pre-build consultants — here to ensure your home functions, flows and feels just right.

Plan Proofing is for you if

You want to renovate. 

You need assistance to refine and develop your existing plans to ensure your vision reflects the reality. Or; You would like a concept for your renovation before you approach a draftsperson.

You want to build. 

As above – We can help refine and develop your existing plans to ensure your vision reflects the reality.

We fill the gap between plans and your build or renovation.

We see one client at a time and dedicate 30 hours to proof your plans and identify areas to improve the design and functionality of your home. We bring our 30 collective years of building and design experience to help clarify the design direction, emotional connection, and functionality of your project.

The Plan Proofing Process

Before we begin

A set of digital, scaled plans of your home. They can be simple real estate plans or architectural drawings, however the more accurate your plans, the more accurate we can be with your concept.

A copy of your completed Project Questionnaire (we’ll send this to you when you book) that has a link where you can drop in all the exciting things like your plans and inspo photos.

You may also need to get permission from your build team so we can proof your plans. Once we have this, we can get into the nitty gritty.

Step 1

Nice to e-meet you! We’ll have a 30 minute online video call on a Monday morning to clarify your brief and understand your priorities. We’ll also lock in a time later that week to present our final recommendations.

Step 2

We spend the week (30 hours between us) reviewing your plans, researching concepts and ideas, dreaming, and generally getting really excited about your project! We bring all our expertise, recommendations, and concepts together in a 70-100 Plan Proof PDF which is completely tailored to your project.

Step 3

We’ll meet again online so we can present our final recommendations. You’ll get a copy of the full presentation and recommendations which you can then share with your builder, designer, architect and whoever else is working on your project so you can action the recommendations and build a home that truly meets your needs.

What you receive

We commit 30 hours of our time to the research, development, and design of your project, focusing on your brief and your priorities.

Each PDF contains approximately 70-100 pages and includes proposed floor plan amendments, elevations, inspiration, 3D visualisations and more!

The PDF will provide you with an overall design direction for your home to reduce the overwhelm, and add to the excitement!

Your Plan Proof PDF will be based on your priorities and this is where we will spend our time. So to do this successfully, we’ll ask you to prioritise areas of focus in your brief, which might include:

We’ll give you advice on orientation and spatial planning. Basically, this is about creating a livable home. This can include anything from door swings, window and door placement through to joinery details.

We can provide you with furniture floor plans, along with recommendations for specific pieces. We can also work with existing furniture you may want to incorporate into your design —this means granny’s grand piano may have a home after all.

We can recommend materials and finishes and supply links to some products to check out.

We can review the placement of downlights, lamps (so you can allow for power outlets), sconces and ceiling fans and even consider the switch placement. We can also provide you with some great lighting recommendations.

Where possible, we like to save you money and save the environment. Orientation plays a big role in this one, as does efficient lighting design, window furnishings, secondhand furniture and sustainable products. 

We curate a mood board to give you the overall vibe. These can be used throughout the build as a reference point and a great-decision making tool.

We can create a custom colour scheme for your home or room. We love the idea that colour can evoke a feeling, and we’re all about those feels!

We can consider everything from spatial planning to cushions, as each element works to create a home. We look at placement alongside your elevations, give you tips and tricks, and link any specific suggestions for you to check out.

"Plan Proofing is like having 'the benefit of hindsight' in advance, because of Josh and Jenna's extensive renovation and design experience. They took our plans and our creative brief and sense-checked them for liveability and functionality. Layered on top of this, they gave us exciting visuals clever ideas and a clear path to create our own beautiful real life space."

Chrissy, The Garden House

"I actually can't even put into words how grateful we are and how happy I am that we reached out to you guys. Going to recommend this service to everyone! So amazing and thank you again. Your PDF is like our bible. I still look at it nearly every day."

Brooke, The Shed House

"Thank you so much, it's absolutely brilliant! I cannot thank you enough, I didn't want to just do a boring renovation that wouldn’t feel the way I was wanting it to and now I know what to do! Such an amazing service, I'm so grateful."

Emma, The 90's House

"Thank you so much! You have made my grandios visions into the family home we actually wanted. I cannot thank you enough."

Leisel, The Turf House

Honestly, you guys are next level! I love it! Can't wait to show you when we are done, you never know I might need you to help me more too! Thanks again and have a lovely festive season!

Tania, The Resort House

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the plans you did for us. I cannot believe what you did with such a small space - it's amazing - Very talented! We now have direction in what to do and motivated. Plan Proofing is a fantastic service and very much needed in todays world. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. My friends cannot believe what you do!"

Sue, The Silver Creek House

“Oh my goodness. We can't explain how amazed we are by what you've achieved for us with this house. It's beyond what we could have hoped for, in terms of everything really! The amount of detail and consideration that has gone into what you've done has blown us away. We seriously can't believe you did it all in 2 days too! I'm so impatient that I just want it all to be done NOW, now that I can finally visualise what it will be like!! Thank you again, you guys are incredible!"

Diana and John, The Reservoir House

"We loved our experience with Josh and Jenna, they made the process very relaxed and easy. After we provided some initial information they needed to start planning things happened very quickly. We loved the result, a homely, open feel that was space efficient. We look forward to working together with them again on our next stage. Thanks Josh and Jenna."

George and Tom, The Toowoomba House

"Thank you so much, honestly it's like you've just done my homework for me. I would have spent the next 12 months trying to decide on colours and materials. I wouldn't have given lighting a second thought. You guys are absolutely amazing. Thanks again."

Erin, The Merrigum House

We look forward to making plans with you.

We put our 30+ years of combined experience into proofing you plans over 30 hours. For a small percentage of your build budget, you could save a lot of potential frustrations.

What’s the investment?

$3700 including GST

The full fee will be required upon booking to secure your place. If your booking is more than 4 weeks in advance, we are happy to secure your spot with a deposit of $500. Please contact us for more information. View our full terms and conditions here.

Plan Proofing makes the most sense when you can still implement changes in the building or renovating process.

If you’re in the early stages, we’ll have floor plan flexibility, and it’s an excellent opportunity for us to work on suggestions to pass to your team.

If you’re further along in the process, we may have a few more limitations, but it might be worth the time and money to get things right, or we can focus on the elements that aren’t yet locked in.

Our service focuses on the interior design which may ultimately affect your floor plan. To proof your plans, you’ll need permission from your build team so we can mark up and model the design to communicate any proposed changes. We will always be respectful, credit accordingly, and we will never take credit for anyone else’s work. We’ve attached a handy little PDF to explain our services to your build team! 

Download PDF guide

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